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follow site As a committed perfumer-creator who is aware of the environmental issues of our time, Éléonore de Staël composes 100% natural perfumes. follow The selection of her olfactory raw materials is based on the principles of responsible sourcing, with respect for people and the environment at the heart of her approach. see url Éléonore claims perfume as an art, a work of the mind. Her creative choices are very often combined with a therapeutic dimension to reconnect with the origins of perfumery. Within this framework, the perfumer has surrounded herself with serious partners who share the same convictions and values: ethics, sustainability and eco-responsibility. In this logic, Éléonore de Staël is an official partner of Slow Cosmetics’ association. Her creations are unique and exclusive, combining source well-being and aestheticism.

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The ongoing journey Attentive and sensitive to each of the smells she encountered from an early age, fragrances have always accompanied her in her daily life, making her dream and affirming her desire to become, one day perhaps, Nez – a nose as they say. It is her determination that allowed Éléonore to become a perfumer despite her atypical career path. She began her studies in business school, her dreams and her passion for perfume then caught up with her. To honour her childhood dream, Éléonore joined the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, the school of perfumers in Grasse, from which she graduated at the top of her class in 2015. follow She began working with perfume wearers, in shops and then in laboratories with great names of the perfume industry. source url Her first compositions were created in the famous house of Edmond Roudnitska. go Throughout her apprenticeship as a perfumer, Éléonore worked with master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour. In 2016, she joined the Jean Patou creation laboratory as assistant perfumer. These various experiences affirmed her artistic vision of perfume and confirmed her choice of independence. follow link Being an independent perfumer allows her to create in complete freedom in her own laboratory, combining her aesthetic and ethical values.
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