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100% natural compositions Sensitive to nature and respectful to the environment, Éléonore chooses to link her lifestyle and her professional projects. The perfumer creates 100% natural fragrances according to manufacturing practices in harmony with nature. go here The 100% natural creation is a real challenge, it implies to compose with a limited palette of specific raw materials coming 100% from nature: absolutes, essential oils, biological alcohol, natural molecules that make the richness of her creations. Order Real Xanax This natural logic goes hand in hand with responsible sourcing, including the sustainability of the ingredients and the preservation of the environment. Natural perfumes, like all perfumes, obey legislation and regulation. Its fragrances comply with the strict IFRA ISO 9235

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The human being at the heart of her creations The voices, demands and inspirations of the brands initiate a Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online Uk Creative Dialogue, which is expressed in exchanges with Éléonore de Staël. The perfumer’s primary objective is to translate her intentions into a fragrant composition. The exchange is at the heart of each olfactory project, the perfume is the fruit of this collaboration, this co-creation. It is in this spirit that GRACE, the first perfumer’s agency, represents Éléonore de Staël. The agency places the perfumer at the centre of perfume creation source link by promoting the human dimension of creativity and the perfumer’s expertise. Committed, intuitive, Éléonore composes with a vision of anchoring and resonance of the elements. Perfumes are her “mediums”, which she uses as a language she shares with her clients. Her compositions are invitations to a journey to the heart of emotions. Éléonore de Staël often says that she “loves to make souls breathe

Art perfumery

source site Stemming from the teaching of French master perfumers, Éléonore de Staël appropriates the principles of simple compositions: the blank page, the short formulation and follow link the exclusive formula. The designer writes the perfume on paper like a writer facing her blank page. For each of her projects, she writes a unique story. The perfumer targets her ingredients to allow each raw material to express itself while creating a harmonious balance to be as close as possible to the creative intention.
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